Visit Your Schools…more than once!

SO I fell into the trap when I was looking for schools, of thinking that I HAD to get away from home.  Let me tell you, its not always the best thing.  If it is for you, then great…but you need to make sure that not only leaving is right but that you are going to the right place! Continue reading

The Start of School

So, you decided you want to start school huh? Continue reading

File the FAFSA!!! and Finish the Process

The 2012-2013 FAFSA became available Sunday…Go out and fill it out, whether you know you are going to a school or think you may.  If you are eligible for some grants, they have some priority deadlines or deadlines that must be met.  Plus, if you end up not going til later terms or not at all, it doesn’t hurt anything if you do change your mind.  It takes effect either Summer or Fall, depending on your school, so make sure to ask them.

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Your Obligation for Financial Aid

So lets just get this out there…if you are a college student or thinking of going to college and will or are receiving financial aid, there are obligations you have.

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FAFSA Filing

Don’t forget, FILE YOUR FAFSA!!  It is available Jan 1, and I would recommend doing it by Jan. 15 so you can meet the deadline for a lot of grants that are state grants, especially in Oregon, where I am.  Plus, some schools have deadlines, and it is easier to meet them if you do file then.

Also, make sure that you have your parents personal and tax information if you are under 24 and not: homeless while you were in high school (and you have to have documentation for this), a foster child (documentation again), have a child you support, or married.

8 FAFSA Tips

The 8 things you should know to fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for the first time

1)      Always go to, not  The FAFSA is free to file as its name suggests, but there are sites that will charge you to file, and the most popular just because its name is

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Why we are here…

So, why did I make this blog…honestly, so I could share some of the information I have about college with others.  I have been to college at both a public and private university, done graduate and undergraduate work, and work in the industry.  This blog, hopefully, will help a lot of people with the questions they have.  So if you have any questions, send them in, and I will try to answer them the best I can.

Keep in mind, this will be more general stuff, for individual schools, unless it is the one I work at, I usually can not help you but can give you some ideas of who to contact.


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